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The 2013 International Association of Women Police (IAWP) Training Conference in South Africa will coincide with the 100th anniversary of Policing in South Africa.

The conference will not only form part of the calendar of events which will mark this milestone in policing in South Africa but will focus on the huge contribution that women made towards the many successes of the organisation. It will at the same time focus on the contributions that women made towards policing throughout the world.

The theme allows for an in depth and diverse debate on the role that women plays in the combating of crime, the evolution of the role that women plays in policing, not only locally but also internationally. It further allows for in depth discussions on the many successes and groundbreaking roles that women play in the day to day law enforcement environments.


It is a true privilege for me, as the National Commissioner of the police of the host country South Africa, to extend a warm word of welcome to you as we prepare for this wonderful event, the 2013 International Association of Women Police (IAWP) Training Conference.

The women of the South African Police Service (SAPS) have been working diligently since winning the bid to host this event and, as the conference gets ever closer, the excitement and anticipation is mounting among the ladies in blue.

Women of our region, Region 18, are equally excited and are looking forward to the conference – mobilisation and preparations are at an advanced stage. We shall be meeting in Ghana later this year as a region to prepare for the upcoming conference. This is an historical moment for our continent and we celebrate the opportunity to host the conference on African soil for the first time in the 98 years of IAWP’s existence.

We are eager to welcome all delegates, leaders and managers in the law enforcement environment from the many countries across the globe that have already indicated that they will be participating in the 2013 IAWP Training Conference in South Africa.

From the time of your arrival you will appreciate the warm South African hospitality for which we are world renowned. Not only are the people of our rainbow nation famous for our generous and giving natures, but the September spring weather will also embrace you and make you want to stay for a very long time!

We encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity offered to explore our country and the diversity of our heritage. We have sunny sandy beaches, green rolling hills, magnificent mountains and the Big Five to entice you outdoors.

During the conference itself, I am sure that you will use every chance available to learn, to grow, to be empowered and to network with like-minded colleagues from a variety of nations and cultures.

This is a unique opportunity for each and every one of us – let us seize the day!



History will be made in September this year when the International Association of Women Police Training Conference is held on African soil for the very first time.

Our theme is “Global Empowerment of Women in Policing” and the sub-theme is a “Century of Experience to Excellence”. The timing of this conference is impeccable as it coincides with the 100 year anniversary of policing in South Africa.

This conference will bring together women who are involved in law enforcement and criminal justice systems throughout the globe. We intend to attract a lot of women from within Region 18 to this conference in order to expose them to the training.

Furthermore, the conference will bring together academics, operational police officers, researchers, managers and leaders in policing, survivors of crimes against women and specialists in investigations to address various issues as well as share their experiences.

The spirit of the conference lies in the well-known African saying by Ghanaian scholar, Dr James Kwegyir-Aggrey that “if you educate a woman, you educate a nation!”. This does not mean that men do not need to be educated or should not acquire knowledge. Traditionally, men were entitled to education and knowledge while women were expected to stay at home and nurture children. The purpose of the message is to encourage society to expose women to education. Our male counterparts are definitely welcome to attend the conference, not only as speakers/trainers, but as participants as well!

Our indoor training covers a number of areas in policing which will be addressed by our experts and knowledgeable facilitators. Our out-door programme consists of a hive of breath-taking and interesting activities which every participant will not want to miss. Please keep an eye on our website for updates on the conference!

We are looking forward to receiving you and sharing our wealth of African culture and hospitality with you.

Lieutenant General Leah Mofomme

Conference Director: IAWP 2013